Ways Of Organizing Your Kitchen

I am by no means a kitchen guru, but having grown up in the kitchen and in a family owned restaurant, I feel like I know my fare share. But, before we begin talking about why we should organize our kitchen, lets first brush up on the importance of time and food. Yes, they are very much correlated.

As the years go by, things continue to change more and more. Today’s age brings us the booming fast food restaurant. I know a few people who could absolutely not function without a fast food restaurant, don’t you? But, lets be honest, it’s ridiculously convenient and time friendly, and on the other hand overly greasy and unhealthy. We have to eat though, it’s a law of life that cannot be avoided.

Our society has really become extremely fast paced, and a lot of people just don’t have the time to cook a healthy meal, but why is this? Granted it does take time to cook a meal, but lets see what we can do to organize your kitchen to cut your cook time and increase time for other things.

1. Keep things clean and neat.
a. This will help you know what you have and don’t have. This alone save tons of time in the kitchen and at the grocery store.
b. This will help you be able to perform and function better in your kitchen. Everyone wants to work in a clean environment.

2. Plan your meals for the week.
a. This may sound time consuming, but it doesn’t take long to pick a few dinners that you’ll eat for the week and will save you time in the future.
b. Preparing food ahead of time will also provide more time in the future. This can also add more flavor to your food if you’re seasoning or marinating.:-)

3. Do your shopping for the week, and get it over with.
a. Be prepared! Make your list, check it twice and take care of business. Doing this ahead of time and not playing the guessing games will save you a lot of time.

4. Keep it simple.
a. Don’t try and be a gourmet chef. Creating a simple quick meal is much healthier than giving up and resorting to fast food. Less can always be more.
b. There is nothing wrong with putting together complex meals, but just make sure you plan accordingly.

5. Be one step ahead of your kitchen!
a. Yeah I said it! Does it make sense? Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead. Don’t step foot into your kitchen without a plan of action. Know what you want to accomplish, know what’s in there, execute and eat.

Control your kitchen, don’t let it control you. Keep in mind that organizing your kitchen requires that you organize yourself as well. Eating healthier, saving time and building a stronger body, three things that you just can’t beat. So start your life changing process now. Begin building the better you. Implement these 5 ways to get organized and see yourself gain time and a healthy body.