Food Safety in Mobile Food Businesses

There are many food kiosks, mobile kitchens and food stands that we consumers see on the streets. The food vendors prepare or sell food while temporarily using a small outdoor stall. Knowing that their business is only a temporary set-up, the owners of these food businesses must make use of mobile equipment which are geared towards sanitation and food safety so they can guarantee the delivery of high-quality foods to their consumers. Among the important devices that these mobile food businesses need are self-contained sinks.

Cleanliness is a major factor in preventing the occurrence of food-borne illnesses. When preparing and handling food, it is important that the individual must have clean hands. Without proper handwashing, contamination of food from bacteria and germs present in the hands is predominantly high. Using hand sanitizers or alcohol is not enough to keep the hands squeaky clean. The Food and Drug Administration recommends that such choices should only be used as an adjunct. There is no better way to properly sanitize the hands than by the use of soap and water.

With self-contained sinks, the cook or handler of the food in the mobile food cart can maintain clean hands all day. To these owners, prevention of food-borne illnesses is very important. It is because their business stands to lose if people who consume their products get sick. Plus, there is the likelihood of getting shut down if the food business does not comply with the strict standards of food handling and safety.

In food handling, it is not only the hands that must be kept clean at all times. The utensils such as the chopping board, knife, serving spoons, food trays, bowls and many others being used to create and produce the food must also be frequently washed clean. Many food-borne illnesses can also be caused by using dirty or contaminated utensils. It is thus important that they must be thoroughly washed after every use.

The use of self-contained sinks is a boon to mobile food businesses. The great thing about this equipment is that it is not bulky and has every feature that a regular sink possesses. Its sink is made from stainless steel, the faucet is tall to accommodate big pots and the countertop has a wide surface where chopping, dicing and slicing of food ingredients can be carried out. These portable sinks are also equipped with caster wheels that make it easy to transport and move them anywhere you please. If you are wondering how water is supplied and collected from these units, well, there are two gallons attached to every sink. One gallon provides fresh supply of clean water and the other one collects the waste water.