Ants in the Kitchen and Home

Summer isn’t only about vacations, ice cream and days at the beach, but it also means increased insect activity, such as ants in the kitchen, or more bees and wasps buzzing around outside. Sightings of ants in the kitchen is one of the top reasons people initially contact us. Over recent weeks these calls have increased for homeowners with concerns of ants in their kitchens and homes and what they can do to deter them.

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Get rid of ants in the kitchen or your home

Different species of ants include black ants, fire ants, crazy ant, odorous house ants and carpenter ants. All are pretty similar in that they forage for food and water leaving a pheromone trail for others to follow, which can lead to an infestation. If there are pavement ants or carpenter ants then these can get into the structure and cause even more problems.

By following some simple steps you can deter ants in the kitchen and home by;

  • Clean up any spills of liquids and stray crumbs immediately. Paying close attention to areas around appliances such as the stove, toasters and refrigerators. Any crumbs or spills are just inviting trouble in and giving them access to a food source.

  • Store food in sealed containers. By doing so, you are securing the food source making it undesirable.

  • Empty trash daily and ensure it’s kept in a sealed container. Rotting foods will omit odors and ants as well as other insects can detect these.

  • Eliminate standing water, checking potential problem areas like under sinks, in and around the bathroom area and crawl spaces.

  • Seal cracks and crevices around your home such as around windows, doors and baseboards. These are potential entry points and by sealing them, you are closing out the pests.

  • Once your pet has eaten remove any left over food.

All insects need access to food, water and shelter and by eliminating these you are thereby deterring them and making your home appear an unattractive haven to them.

If you do see ants in the kitchen or any other part of your home, we don’t recommend you spray them. Yes it will get rid of the ones you see, but it’s won’t resolve the ant issue. The trail has already been left by the scouting ants and it’s important to get to the source of the ant colony in order to completely get rid of ants in your home. Sometimes an expert is required in such circumstances and finding one who you can trust in getting rid of any ant or pest problem you may have will save you some time, money and effort in the long run, not to mention the safety aspect of any pesticides being used.

Kids in the Kitchen

As a mom who loves to be in the kitchen cooking and baking, it is important to me that my kids are involved. I have found 5 easy ways to encourage your kids to help out in the kitchen and be inspired by food at the same time. Here’s how to get cooking with kids:

1. Let Them Help With Planning Meals

When you are deciding which meals you are going to make for dinner, let your kids give you their input. One would think that when given the opportunity, kids would ask for meals like hot dogs, macaroni or fast food. But when I asked my sons recently what they would like to have for dinner, I was very surprised by their response. One requested risotto with peas and the other requested meatloaf. You too may be surprised but what your kids would like to eat.

2. Take Them Shopping

I know, I know. For most parents this is a scary proposition. It can be a difficult task to take kids with you on a grocery shopping trip, but here is one way to make it a little easier. If you have let them select the meal ideas, give them an ingredient list for the meal they have chosen and let them be responsible for finding those items.

3. Encourage Their Participation

When it is time to cook the meals, have your kids get the ingredients out for the meal they planned and assemble what they can. Kids are great at mixing, breading and grating. Give them a job that they can easily manage while you do the more complicated tasks.

4. Praise Their Efforts

Even if it has been a little bit chaotic in the kitchen, be sure to tell them how wonderful they did and how much you appreciated their help. Kids like to feel that they have done an important job that has helped you out.

5. Let Them Help Clean up

It is also important to encourage kids to help out with clean up after a meal. Let them know that by helping with clean up, the job gets done faster and it creates more time in the evening for other fun activities like a walk, reading or a board game.

Modern Kitchen and Home Appliances

The use of modern and luxurious kitchen appliances have made us quite dependent on them. Without the use of these, our lives would be much more difficult. Previously, in the old ages, people used to cook food on bricks but later in the sixteenth century, people started looking for efficient, quick and safe cooking methods. Electric stoves were invented in the 1930s and they soon became more popular than gas ones. Then built a small metal box in which can be placed food to check whether its temperature increased or not. The test was successful and immediately come up with the ideas of microwaves. These were first used in restaurants, large hotels and food processing plants and later became widely common and were owned by almost every household. Dishwasher, refrigerator, Cuisenaire parts and other appliances are some other kitchen products that were introduced with the passage of time. Soon, these gained popularity and their ease of use and convenience made many people consider its purchase. Many new and well known companies have emerged many specialize kitchen appliances.

Appliances have a very important role in our daily lives. Since we were surrounded by thousands of appliances which act as a helping hand in our daily routine. For many people it is not only a place for food preparation but an area many people socialize and do other tasks such as clothes washing in. These include the most important elements of a kitchen. Also a great initiative for the customer is the discount on these kitchen appliance packages if buy together. A perfect package which includes all the important kitchen appliances is the best deal one can get. Some companies and other sellers provide this facility. The presence of many prominent kitchen appliances manufacturers is a boon for the customer as the competition between brands provides practical, economical and durable products. Most kitchens are not considered complete until they have all the big appliances and a slew of small ones too. Some large-scale internet shops offer almost all brands under one roof making it easy for the purchaser.

Specific kitchen processes and operations require specific equipments according to the type and the nature of the work. These appliances should be selected in a way that they should match with your personality and with the decor of your kitchen. Modern kitchens are using some of the most commercially graded appliances. These appliances are considered as the human efforts saving machines. Your requirements should be analyzed properly. Considering your lifestyle and size of your family the kitchen appliances should be chosen. The gas powered is one of the best appliances which are able to meet the needs of your daily requirements. While choosing stainless steel appliances first of all, you should decide your budget and see what you can afford to buy. Now talking about the latest color trends in kitchen appliances, mostly bright colors like red, pink, blue and green are favored. But at this point, blue is the world-beater because it stands for comfort and peace of mind. For more information about home appliances please visit our website.

Tips To Organize Kitchen

Your cooking space might be small or limited, but the way you choose to organize it can help a great deal in making even the smallest of kitchens enjoyable to cook in. By taking a few steps in how to best organize kitchen and pantry space, you will be on your way to having a great time when preparing meals.

The utensils and the pot or pans you may require for preparing certain dishes need o be in a place you can easily reach. Hanging cook ware on the walls or by hooks nearby to the stove is one way to not do this and to save cabinet space as well. Hanging up utensils on the wall you use the most also saves drawer space.

Many kitchens, especially those in apartments, do not have pantries off the room for storing food. In these cases, everything will need to be placed into the cabinets. By placing canned goods in order and arranging the food products in boxes separately, you will have a much easier time in finding the ingredients you might need quickly. Using other types of storage aside from the cabinets is a good idea for some other types of foods.

Choose a set of decorative canisters to use for flour, sugar, and other like dry goods. You can save space in the cabinets and have these ingredients within easy reach on counters in this way. Choose those containers that will look great and fit on the counter area you have to work with.

Small appliances can add up to a large clutter quickly. Many of these types of appliances are hardly ever used on a daily basis. Store these kinds of appliances in those cabinets that are hard to reach while using the others for those items you use most every day. You should also consider getting rid of those appliances you just collected on a whim and ended up never using.

Kitchens that are neat and arranged in such a way that allows you to prepare meals easier is more enjoyable to cook in. No one like digging through cabinets and drawers while trying to figure out the fastest meal to make. When everything is in order, you will have more time our of the cooking area than in it.