Food Safety in Mobile Food Businesses

There are many food kiosks, mobile kitchens and food stands that we consumers see on the streets. The food vendors prepare or sell food while temporarily using a small outdoor stall. Knowing that their business is only a temporary set-up, the owners of these food businesses must make use of mobile equipment which are geared towards sanitation and food safety so they can guarantee the delivery of high-quality foods to their consumers. Among the important devices that these mobile food businesses need are self-contained sinks.

Cleanliness is a major factor in preventing the occurrence of food-borne illnesses. When preparing and handling food, it is important that the individual must have clean hands. Without proper handwashing, contamination of food from bacteria and germs present in the hands is predominantly high. Using hand sanitizers or alcohol is not enough to keep the hands squeaky clean. The Food and Drug Administration recommends that such choices should only be used as an adjunct. There is no better way to properly sanitize the hands than by the use of soap and water.

With self-contained sinks, the cook or handler of the food in the mobile food cart can maintain clean hands all day. To these owners, prevention of food-borne illnesses is very important. It is because their business stands to lose if people who consume their products get sick. Plus, there is the likelihood of getting shut down if the food business does not comply with the strict standards of food handling and safety.

In food handling, it is not only the hands that must be kept clean at all times. The utensils such as the chopping board, knife, serving spoons, food trays, bowls and many others being used to create and produce the food must also be frequently washed clean. Many food-borne illnesses can also be caused by using dirty or contaminated utensils. It is thus important that they must be thoroughly washed after every use.

The use of self-contained sinks is a boon to mobile food businesses. The great thing about this equipment is that it is not bulky and has every feature that a regular sink possesses. Its sink is made from stainless steel, the faucet is tall to accommodate big pots and the countertop has a wide surface where chopping, dicing and slicing of food ingredients can be carried out. These portable sinks are also equipped with caster wheels that make it easy to transport and move them anywhere you please. If you are wondering how water is supplied and collected from these units, well, there are two gallons attached to every sink. One gallon provides fresh supply of clean water and the other one collects the waste water.

Amazing Gift Ideas for Kitchen and Food Enthusiasts

When buying gifts, it’s best for people to address the recipient’s interests and hobbies. It is always flattering and truly joyful to receive something that just ‘click’ and totally matches your interests.

Food enthusiasts who spend some time in the kitchen rarely get gifts that make their work easier or embellish the kitchen. With the latest ideas on the web, now it is even possible to bring some fun to the daily cooking tasks.

Let us start with a spice rack for geeks. The recipients are made of glass and have the shape of chemistry lab bottles, jars, and flasks. To complete the theme, each is labeled accordingly with period-table-style squares. Thus, it’s quick and fun to identify the spices you need to use when cooking. For example, there is Tu for turmeric, Ci for Cinnamon or Ba for Basil. All tubes come in a tray provided with slots. The kitchen will truly feel like a place for experimentation.

Innovative devices are also a source of delight. Help your boyfriend make his own peanut butter with a surprising machine. They will be sure of what goes into it – it’s an electric appliance that can be loaded with nuts and oil, delivering freshly home-made peanut butter.

Kitchen nerds will also enjoy a Sparta knife block, a wooden piece made in the shape of a warrior shielding himself from enemy swords (those would be the knives). This is a witty creation to embellish counter tops and amaze one’s guests. Moreover, it is made of top quality wood and polished to perfection.

Other may enjoy some great help from the foodie dice that breaks the cooking routine. There are several dices to roll and a very simple recipe will result. 186,000 combinations are possible, the creators say. The user can select the food type, the way of cooking and the seasoning, also with the specific dice. This is sure to eliminate the long decision-taking process and confusion before cooking a meal, given that the owner has a well loaded fridge already.

Prospective Caterers Face Many Licensing Issues Over Their Commercial Kitchens

Local regulators may think it’s nice that you make the best finger sandwiches in town, but their priority is making sure you have the correct licenses, permits, and insurance to operate legally. If you do not observe the proper legalities, you could be slapped with expensive fines or even shut down permanently. In addition, you need to know the laws concerning safe food handling, operating in a commercial kitchen, paying employees, incorporating, and registering your name.

Since caterers deal with potentially hazardous food, the kitchens they work in must be licensed, and caterers must be trained in food safety. Only commercial kitchens can be licensed. Caterers cannot work from their home kitchens and transport food elsewhere.

Commercial kitchens are specifically designed for large-scale food preparation. They have special layouts, which keep raw food separate from cooked foods. They have special ventilation systems, heavy duty equipment meant to be used to cook large amounts of food, special nonslip floor mats, and other special features. Work tables are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning. Commercial kitchens have specific sink requirements and must use only commercial refrigeration units. There are also regulations for lighting fixtures, screens, restrooms, and dumpsters.

Commercial kitchens are regulated by county or by state health departments. Every kitchen is inspected at least once a year. An inspector will check to make sure that dry and refrigerated ingredients are stored and handled properly, refrigerators maintain the right temperature, there are no signs of vermin, insects are kept under control, and the chefs adhere to correct procedures, such as properly cooling in reheating foods and washing their hands.

Research which agencies regulate licensing, inspection, zoning, and building codes. Start by contacting your state’s Department of Health or the Department of Agriculture and Markets. Local municipal zoning and planning boards determine the allowable size of a facility. Local building codes will dictate the volume of business allowed, as well as drainage issues.

How to Choose Kitchen

If you are having difficulty choosing from the many kitchen and food processors, you are not alone when there are so many to choose from. You may be thinking to yourself that it is very hard to eat the healthy diet you would like. It is certainly difficult to find healthy food in the grocery store unless you have a store that caters to healthy natural organic food without all of the preservatives, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, and all the endless additives that you will find in almost every product that you find in the store.

Kitchen and food processors are an excellent way to maintain the healthy lifestyle that you desire. Food processor cooking seems to have become the solution to many who would like to do just that in order to give themselves and or their family the same nutritional benefits.

If you are wondering about the food processor price, you will be pleasantly be surprised learn that these units are really quite inexpensive when you consider the fact that you are not only going to save you money in the long run. Because you will be using it in the comfort of your own home, but more importantly, you will also be giving yourself and your family what is really needed which is healthy, delicious and nutritional food.Kitchen and food processors have really come along way when it comes to what they offer.

The technology in some of the more popular models such as the Cuisinart food processor or the Krups food processor are great examples of the newer technology and are very popular models.

The Cuisinart DFP- BCN 14-cup model has many reviews that reflect its popularity because of its versatility. It can accomplish so many things suc as kneading dough, slicing, chopping; shredding cheese, vegetables, and meat. This popular model can do so many things such as mince garlic and parsely, mix your batter, and will also emulsify mayonnaise, which is truly amazing in itself.

The Cuisinart custom food processor comes with everything you will need including a 14-cup work bowl, five basic attachments for slicing, shredding, chopping, mixing, and kneading; and also features two feed-tube options, one big enough to handle a whole potato.

Perhaps one of the finer benefits that these food processors can boast about is the fact that they are a huge time saver with the time alone that they will save you as far as preparation time. In addition to the time saved with your food processor, you will likely be grateful for these units also come with a recipe book to enhance your selections of dishes that you can easily create.

If you are looking for a less expensive food processor, there are smaller versions that may work just as well such as the Dualit 260-watt 1/2 ounce mini chopper that has many promising reviews.

Some of the reviews include comments such as a user who explained it was a great little mini chopper that works fast and effectively. Others have commented on the easy clean-up. This smaller version of a food processor is exactly the size that many think is needed for the quick chopping jobs that do not require a bigger model. People have also used the Dualit or the small Cuisinart model to cut up chicken with ease. No matter which model you choose, you will still be left with a unit that helps you accomplish your nutritional goals.